5 Tips for Handling Accidents on the Job

5 Tips for Handling Accidents on the Job


Private industries report almost 3 million workplace injuries every year. Accidents on the job are a serious matter, and every employer should know how to handle them the right way.

Every workplace should have a standardized system in place for dealing with workplace accidents. Every employee should be aware of this system, especially those in positions of authority.

If you aren’t yet sure how to properly deal with a workplace accident, keep reading. We’ll give you 5 simple steps to follow when someone gets hurt.

Take Pictures

As soon as a workplace injury takes place, you should take pictures of the scene. Make sure you document both the injury itself and the environment in which it occurred.

If you need to take legal action because of a workplace injury, pictures of the event will be extremely helpful to your case.

Take pictures liberally. Even if something from the scene of the accident doesn’t seem important, it should still be documented. Workplace injury claims require the clearest possible idea of what happened.

Collect Camera Footage

You should always keep ample security cameras in your workplace in case of an accident. You may not always be able to get pictures of the scene, and security camera footage can save you when that happens.

For example, if your employees drive on the job, you should always have a dashcam in the company car.

That way, if your employee gets into a car accident on the job, you have proof already recorded.

Keep Track of Eyewitnesses

Tips To Handle Workplace Accidents - Advanced Consulting and Training

When someone gets injured at work, you should always keep track of who witnessed the event. If an accident attorney needs to get involved, they will likely want to interview any eyewitnesses.

Eyewitness accounts can make up for a lack of camera footage or accident photos.

Always Call the Authorities

When someone gets hurt at work, you should always err on the side of caution. That means calling 911 whenever someone gets injured, especially if you aren’t sure how severe the injury is.

If you fail to call 911 for an injury that turns out to be severe, you can wind up paying for your mistakes; quite literally.

Plus, it is always a tragedy when someone suffers a preventable long-term injury. Minimize that risk by calling 911.

Call Your Lawyer

Every employer should have a workplace injury lawyer on retainer. As soon as an injury occurs, your lawyer should be kept in the loop.

A good on-the-job accident attorney will ask you for all the evidence that you can collect, which is why we recommend thoroughly recording every incident.

Having a lawyer on retainer will save you a lot of headaches as you navigate any workplace accident.

Handle Accidents on the Job Like a Pro

For the safest possible work environment, always follow these tips regarding accidents on the job. The more carefully you do your due diligence, the easier an accident will be to handle.

Never hesitate to call the authorities or your lawyer.

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