7 Defensive Driving Techniques That’ll Keep You Safe

7 Defensive Driving Techniques That’ll Keep You Safe


In 2019 there were about 38,000 deaths due to car accidents. Learning some defensive driving techniques may help prevent further deaths. If you install these tactics, you can stop an accident from happening.

There are defensive driving tips and techniques that every driver needs to learn. Some people think you should get these when you start driving, but we could all use a refresher to maintain good driving skills. Keep on reading to learn about the seven techniques that could keep you safe.

First Skill of Defensive Driving Techniques

The first skill you need to develop is to take away any distractions. If that seems too simple, think about everything that happens when you drive. Most people have smartphones and use them to talk while going down the road.

Try to remove anything that could impact your driving. That means no eating or putting on makeup.

Look Down the Road

Sometimes you need defensive and offensive driving techniques. You need to look down the road to see what might be ahead. Is there a slow driver or accident up ahead? Looking down the road will keep you prepared.

Watch for Animals

Depending on where you live, you may see animals close to the road or sometimes on the road. Some of these animals are large and can cause damage to your car or cause you to get hurt. Looking out for them will help avoid accidents.

Keep Your Distance

Don’t make the mistake of driving right behind the car in front of you. If they have to hit the brakes, you may run into them. To stay safe, maintain a two-car distance.

Slow Down at Intersections

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One of the best defensive driving techniques is to slow down at all intersections. Even if you don’t have a stop sign, these can get dangerous because people don’t look when driving through.

If you get into an accident, have all your documentation ready. Read on here to find out more about what you should have with you.

Know Your Blind Spots

Adjust your mirrors to see as much as you can before you drive your car. There are always blind spots, so know where they are. When getting over to another lane, remember your blind spots so you can make sure it is safe to move over.

Watch Out for Other Drivers

When it comes to defensive and offensive driving techniques, you have to watch out for other drivers. You may always think of safety, but other people do not. Keeping an eye out for what the other drivers are doing will help keep you safe.

Choosing To Stay Safe

In some ways, driving got safer as the years have passed. There are more safety features in new cars. Technology can only do so much, so the rest is up to you. Defensive driving techniques can keep you and others safe.

These seven techniques will give you ways to avoid accidents. They can help you get out and enjoy being on the road. Follow us for more informative articles like this one.