Choose Atlanta Tax Lawyer Alex Mitchell To Avoid Tax Problems

Choose Atlanta Tax Lawyer Alex Mitchell To Avoid Tax Problems


From time to time, we experience problems that we’re not ready for them. Being late with your tax file or filling in wrong data in it is a serious crime according to the federal tax law. Every individual must do this precisely and in time.

However, some people fail to do this for a different reason. Some of them don’t know how to do it, and some of them simply forgot to file it. Others were misinformed and some were not able to do it for some reason.

When that complaint from the IRS arrives at your address, you know that it’s serious. You must do something about it because otherwise, you’re going to face some very serious consequences. These highly serious consequences in some cases can even mean jail time. Learn more about IRS and tax laws here.

In this article, we’re going to show you what a great tax attorney should have. All these features are a part of the portfolio of Alex Mitchell, one of the best Atlanta tax lawyers. Follow up to find out what they are!


One of the most important features you should be looking in a tax attorney – experience. If you want to be sure that this person is going to do a great job and will give you an excellent chance to handle the problem as better as possible, then you need to look for one with experience.

Some might ask why this is so important. Why can’t law students who passed all the exams and graduated do the same job? They are also skilled and perfectly know the law, so why can’t they do the same job?

The answer is that things are very different in school and real life. When the person who studied law first encounters the problems coming out of the profession, they’ll easily find out that what they thought at the university is not even close to what they need to know in real life.

With time, they’ll certainly develop other skills, skills that are not thought at school. Some of them are communication, seeing through people, and organizing their time for better handling the tasks. In some cases, the problems arising are coming from the overwhelmingly huge number of files that need to be taken care of, and the lawyer has no time to see all of them and find the problem.

In these cases, the experience will give them a hunch of what needs to be done urgently and what can wait. Where they need to go first and what deserves their focus the most. This way, they are handling things much better than the person who’s excellent in understanding the law but has no experience in the job.

Track Record

With just a little effort, you can find details about every attorney in the States. The success of a lawyer is measured by their track record. The track record is a scoring system that shows people how many cases they’ve won and how many they’ve lost. See here how to search track records:

Of course, when it comes to tax lawyers, this isn’t playing a significant role because there are no trials and defending the client in front of a jury like we often see in movies. The job of the tax attorney is much different and they hardly can call a finished case won or lost.

However, you can see how they handled previous cases by digging into their file. You’ll see what they had in their hands and how the cases finished. When you find a few that are similar to your case, you should conclude how yours is going to end based on how these guys did before you.

If the attorney you’re interested in didn’t do well for the persons before you, and their cases were similar to yours, then you can be sure that your chances are not high either. On the other hand, if they were excellent and managed to get their clients out of the blue, then you shouldn’t hesitate and hire this lawyer.

Clients’ Reviews

Similar to the track record which is based on facts, there are the previous clients’ reviews who tell if a certain attorney is good or bad based on their personal opinion. This is also important because it shows the other side of the lawyer you’re about to work with.

Certain attorneys might be flawless when it comes to wins and losses, but if their temper might be awful and they’ll be lying about how much they are going to charge. All this means you shouldn’t do business with them. There are plenty of other excellent attorneys and there’s no need for you to deal with these people’s frustrations.

The reviews can be found anywhere around the internet. There are lots of specialized sites who are dedicated to this exclusively. Yelp is one of those sites that almost everyone on the planet knows about. These types of pages dedicated to lawyers are everyone on the net and the information that can be found there is highly valuable.

These reviews are part ranking of a certain law office and some of the people sharing the review like to place a certain comment too. The comment section is often the most valuable piece of information that you’ll find there. The best Atlanta tax lawyer mustn’t have a ton of negative comments, and you’re looking for the best, right?

In the comments, you can see details about these professionals and you’ll think that you’ve already worked with them. In some cases, you can see everything about the organization of a certain company and the personality of the people working there. It’s exactly like you’ve already done business with them.

Accuracy And Deadlines

A lot of times people seek a professional tax attorney because they were late with the filing. If you were not the best person to follow deadlines, then you expect the person you’re about to hire to be. One of the things that are not acceptable is missing deadlines and being inaccurate in the work.

These things can be seen through the reviews we mentioned or simply by setting up a meeting. A person who’s going to be late on the first appointment can’t be expected to be on time for any other meeting in the future. Pay attention to these details and find the best one for you.


These issues we mentioned are highly important for any lawyer and every person who has problems with the IRS should consider them as crucial. If you’re thinking about finding the best person to represent you, make sure you’re looking for these, or simply call the choice that we showed is the best one.