Common Reasons For Divorce

Family Law and Divorce

The beginning of most marriages is usually a honeymoon phase. However, some couples may find that after time spent together in a marriage, there may be irreconcilable differences that were not apparent at the beginning of their union. Below, some common reasons why couples divorce, and what to do if you are considering this.

Financial Problems

Constant money problems can contribute to stress and tension in a relationship, and can be the starting point of a relationship breakdown as a result. If a couple with conflicting spending styles is not able to come to a compromise on how money is spent and saved, this may cause bigger problems and be detrimental to the longevity of the union.

Anger And Resentment

Anger and resentment arises between couples whose communication styles do not match, or couples who do not communicate in healthy ways. Because of these consistent and ongoing conflicts that did not see resolution or compromise, the tendency is that over time, there is a loss of positive connection and feeling of mutual support that is important to maintain healthy relationships throughout times of trouble. If not resolved over time, one or both sides of the party will have enough of all the arguments and ask for divorce.

Extra-Marital Affairs

Infidelity is a common reason for divorce as it leans heavily on loss of trust and the feeling of physical and emotional connection that is all important in thriving marriages. While infidelity can spring from differing circumstances in a relationship, those of which can lead the party to look for support and affection from other sources outside of the marriage, often, it is cited as the final straw and the act that pushes couples to divorce, as it is the critical turning point to denote that a relationship cannot be worked upon by both parties.

Physical And Emotional Abuse

The existence of abuse in a marriage can be a major factor in the events that result in divorce. Whether it is physical and/or emotional abuse, domestic violence causes a great amount of marriages to break down, as one of both parties do not feel safe in the partnership. This is not something that is easily foreseen before marriage, as well, with some domestic violence survivors providing accounts that show cycles of abuse developed slowly, over time, and with repeated attempts to work together to address the issues. However, oftentimes the abuse occurs repeatedly, and the injured party must file for divorce for their own safety.

If you are considering divorce, it is best to consult with experienced Perth divorce lawyers to ensure that the process is done smoothly, and with people who can advocate for your needs during the proceedings. Divorce lawyers in Perth will not only be able to guide you during these proceedings, but will also be able to provide valuable advice on how to file for important documents correctly to streamline the process and help ease the stress of getting your affairs in order once you have decided to officially separate.