Getting Help As A Pedestrian Injured In A Car Accident

Getting Help As A Pedestrian Injured In A Car Accident

Personal Injury

For a pedestrian, being hit by a car can be fatal or at least lead to serious injuries. As a crash victim, you will most likely need help in this case. It is very important to look for an experienced professional to help you, like top automobile accident lawyer Regan Zambri Long. This is mainly because insurance companies representing at-fault drivers might end up denying the liability of the policyholder.

Sometimes, the insurance company will say it is the fault of the pedestrian. Basically, what is important is to understand that the situation can be much more serious than you initially imagine.

Filing The Pedestrian Accident Claim

Every single situation will be different but, in most cases, drivers are responsible for pedestrian crashes. This is especially the case when the pedestrian was simply using a crosswalk and when drivers were distracted or speeding.

Whenever the driver is the party at fault, the pedestrian crash victim is allowed to file an injury claim. You do this with the insurance company of the driver and the goal is to receive compensation for damages suffered, including medical expenses. In most US states, even if you have some of the fault, claims can still be filed, although settlement value is reduced.

The Driver Flees

Unfortunately, it is common to see drivers fleeing the accident scene when accidents happen during the night. This is problematic since it is much harder to see license plates. Drivers could feel because they see someone was injured or might simply not want to have to deal with the repercussions of their mistakes.

In some cases, police officers will be able to locate hit-and-run drivers. When this happens, you can file an injury claim to receive compensation. But, if police officers cannot locate the fleeing driver, you only have one possible option. If you have uninsured motorist coverage with your car insurance policy, it can be utilized to cover damages. However, there is a policy limit that will apply.

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Why Is An Attorney Needed After Pedestrian Accidents?

The fact we mentioned about uninsured motorist coverage is just one example of things that regular people do not know. Many others can be mentioned and personal injury attorneys are aware of all of them. This in itself is an important reason why you should get in touch with an injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident so you become aware of all your options.

We should also highlight that, in most cases, pedestrian accident victims cannot collect evidence. This is especially the case when severely injured or knocked unconscious. The injury attorney will be able to do this and take care of every single aspect of the upcoming claim. In the meantime, the victim can recover and get the needed medical treatment.

Personal injury attorneys will meet with pedestrian crash victims and discuss the available options for free. They are also paid only in the event that the injury claim is successful. So, we can sum up that there is no reason why you should not get in touch with an attorney to help you.