How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Different Countries of the World?

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Different Countries of the World?


In the age of scientific technology, it has become possible to use assisted reproductive technologies to solve the problem of infertility – a system of techniques in which some stages of fertilization (such as the production of gametes or embryos) take place outside the human body.

What Is Surrogacy?

The experts of the surrogacy agency World Center of Baby mention that surrogacy is one of the types of ART. In modern practice, there are several varieties of definitions of this concept.

Thus, in England, gestational surrogacy is considered as the process of carrying a child by a woman who has entered into a contract with a spouse who cannot have children. In Australia, the concept of surrogacy solutions is associated with a contract under which a woman (surrogate mother) agrees to bear and give birth to a child for future parents and to transfer the baby to them after birth. In the US, surrogacy involves an agreement (oral or written) between a woman who has agreed to inseminate and bear a child conceived using the genetic material of a man with whom she is not in a registered marriage.

Surrogacy Prices

First of all, it should be noted that in countries such as France, Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, as well as some other countries, it is officially forbidden to use surrogacy. However, in Georgia, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, etc. surrogacy services are permitted at the legislative level. The legislation of other world countries applies a number of strict restrictions to surrogacy (in particular, the use of services by gay, same-sex couples, etc.).

The experts of the surrogacy agency World Center of Baby indicate that the cost of surrogate maternity varies greatly from one country to another:

  • The UK has a restriction that prohibits the use of surrogacy services on a commercial basis. Despite this, surrogates receive cost compensation in the amount of £ 13,000-15,000;
  • In Denmark, surrogacy services cost $ 55,000 if a woman’s own eggs are used, and $ 60,000 if an oocyte donor is required;
  • In Russia, the price for surrogacy is usually $ 40,000-60,000;
  • In the Netherlands, a number of restrictions apply to surrogacy. In this country, the service costs approximately $ 55,000;
  • In Greece, surrogacy services are quite cheap at around $ 20,000;
  • In Belgium, there is no law on surrogate maternity, so the success of the procedure at the legislative level cannot be guaranteed. The cost of surrogacy here is usually 54,000 euros;
  • In Georgia, it is legally allowed to use surrogacy services. They amount to over 35,000 euros;
  • In Ukraine, surrogacy is also clearly regulated. The price for the services is approximately 29,000 euros.

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