Personal Injury Lawyer

How To Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Canberra

Personal Injury

Personal injury can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, injuries and accidents occur. It’s just a fact of life.

In many instances you can claim compensation for your injuries. If you live in Australia’s capital and have suffered an injury in a shopping mall, walking down the council footpath, or really anywhere at all, the best way to find out if you can make a compensation claim is to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Canberra.

In this post we’ll check out some tips on choosing the right lawyer for you so you can expect the very best outcome.

Seek Personal Recommendations First

Recommendations from those you know are one of the best ways to find a professional who can be counted on.

Do you know anyone – family member, friend, acquaintance, work colleague – who recently suffered a personal injury and enlisted the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer?

If you do, then ask them how things turned out. What was the law firm like to work with? Did they receive a fair compensation payout in a reasonable time frame? What about lawyer fees?

If you can find a recommendation like this, it not only saves you a lot of time and headaches having to search for a good lawyer from scratch, but it’ll also give you confidence that you’ll be working with someone you can trust, who has your best interests at heart.

Businesses love getting referrals too, so a recommendation from a previous client will also ensure you’re well looked after.

Go Online and Search for Personal Injury Lawyers In the Canberra Area

The internet certainly saves time when you’re searching for anything these days, so why not take advantage of it to search for a good personal injury lawyer. If you don’t personally know anyone who can recommend a lawyer to you, then the internet will prove to be your best friend in your search.

Focus only on law firms that specialise in personal injury law and compensation claims. Avoid family law firms or firms that do a bit of everything. You want to know you’re dealing with experienced experts when it comes to making a successful claim for compensation.

Make a short list of the best sounding results and study their websites. Look for things like how long they’ve been in business, how many successful claims they’ve made, whether they offer a “no win no fee” policy and a free first consultation.

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Once you’ve narrowed down your short list to just a couple of firms, then go online again and search for recommendations and reviews from people who have done business with the firm.

You want independent sources for this, not just testimonials on the lawyer sites themselves.

If you can find some positive independent testimonials on other sites, chances are that firm will be a good fit.

Make a Phone Call First

Before committing to anything, give the law firm a call to chat about your case. This will give you an indication of what they’ll be like to deal with and whether they’re a good fit for you personally. If all goes well over the phone, make an appointment to speak with a lawyer about your personally injury, how it occurred, and what your chances are of making a successful compensation claim.

Meet Your Lawyer Face To Face

With so many law firms out there offering a first consultation for free with no obligation, it’s best to choose a firm that offers this.

It’s only when you sit down and have this initial in person conversation that you’ll truly know where you stand and if a compensation claim can be made.

Chances are the firm offers a no win no fee guarantee, but they’ll only take on your case if they are very confident they’ll win and get you a decent payout as compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and anything else incurred as a result of the accident.

Having a good lawyer on your side will give you both confidence and peace of mind. Dealing with an injury is hard enough, but things will be even tougher chasing compensation on your own. Always enlist the help of a professional for the very best outcome.