How to Start in Real Estate

How to Start in Real Estate

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When you are a brand new agent sometimes it feels very overwhelming. All of the information that you’re getting everything from lead generation, from setting up your system from joining a real estate brokerage like, from paying all the fees, it can be confusing for you as a newbie real estate agent.

Oh, and did I forget about figuring out what are expires for sale by owners and researching the Miami Florida real estate market? You name it. You are probably completely confused.

However, don’t worry. A group of top agents, realtors, and brokers from are happy to share their best practice with you in this article.

Hopefully, these tips can be a real compass for your success in the Miami Beach, Florida real estate market. So are you ready? Cool!

Tip#1 for a New Miami Real Estate Agent – Manage Your Time Wisely

So the very first thing that you need to do as a brand new real estate agent is that you need to sit down and really think of what your schedule is going to look like.

You see, many times brand new agents think “You know, now I’m a new agent. And I’m my own boss. I’m not working for anybody else so I can work the hours that I want when I want to work. If I don’t want to I’m not going to work.”

And the truth is that that’s not how it works. It feels like you almost have to work more now that you are an independent contractor and a real estate agent than if you did have a regular nine-to-five job. Now, what do I mean by that? When you are new you’re going to be doing absolutely everything.

You’re going to be doing the calls, the follow-up, the lead generation. You’re also going to be doing all the marketing. And what do I mean by marketing is anything in regards to updating your website posting on social media and sending out newsletters.

You see as I’m saying all of these things you are probably starting to realize that becoming a new real estate agent is actually a lot more work than you thought. So the very first thing that you need to do is figure out exactly what days you’re going to work if you’re going to be doing this full time or part-time.

Tip#2 – Test Different Channels for Prospecting and Stick with What Works Best for You

Every successful realtor from a pro realty firm or an agency like will tell you “Try 2-3 different prospecting tactics at a time and stick with those that work best for you.” Checking realty luxury listing and directory sites can be one of them. Finding prospects on Craigslist can be another one. Blogging can be another good marketing channel if you do it long term.

Need more tips? Check, one of the top companies in the real estate market.