Kidney Cancer Disability Benefits

Kidney Cancer Disability Benefits


When you are suffering from kidney cancer and it is in advanced stages, you most likely qualify for disability benefits. But, most people do not even know this is a case.

At the early stages of kidney cancer, fewer symptoms appear. However, this can easily include chronic low back pain, weight loss, and fatigue. Treatment usually involves removing a part of the organ or the entire kidney. It is also possible to block blood from reaching the tumor or even freezing tumor cells. Your prognosis depends on when you are diagnosed and the current damage. Regardless of the situation though, Michigan disability lawyers might be able to help you obtain some financial help.

How Do You Obtain Disability?

You need to apply to get disability checks. When you do this, your illness is analyzed to see if specific qualifying conditions are in place based on a listing of impairments. When this is determined to be true and you meet listing criteria, the claim is automatically approved.

Being diagnosed with kidney cancer though is not the only qualifying condition. Eligibility for automatic approval appears when:

  • Kidney cancer cannot be treated by surgery.
  • Surgery was performed but cancer was not completely removed.
  • Kidney cancer comes back after remission.
  • Kidney cancer spreads to other parts of the body.

Kidney Cancer Facts: Symptoms, Treatment & Survival Rate

What is particularly important with kidney cancer disability benefits is to work with the SSA and provide all important documents. You have to show the complete medical history in regards to the kidney cancer. Some examples of documents you have to offer are:

  • CT scans
  • Copies of biopsies
  • Blood tests
  • MRIs
  • Surgical reports
  • Hospitalization reports
  • Side effects
  • Medication lists
  • The treating physician’s relevant reports

Cancer does not always qualify for receiving benefits and it is important to understand that these documents drastically increase the possibility of being approved. However, this does not mean you can send in anything you think and this will have a positive effect. You might want to get help and be advised by an experienced disability lawyer that fully understands the law, what is possible, and what is not possible.

When A Kidney Was Removed

A very common belief is that when you had a kidney removed as it was affected by the cancer, you are automatically eligible for disability benefits. This incorrect. In fact, if a kidney was removed and this led to the disappearance of the cancer, you do not meet the requirements of the SSA listing. You only do when there are complications that appear with your remaining kidney. In this case, you might still be eligible because of urinary and kidney listings. These are listings that discuss different qualifying kidney conditions for disability benefits.

How Much Can You Receive?

There is no strict answer to this question because every single case is treated as an individual and the disability benefits you receive will be different than the disability benefits someone else gets.

In order to get an estimate of how much you might receive, you should discuss your case with your disability lawyer. He/she can highlight what influences amounts based on your exact situation.