Nine Essential Tips When Attending Family Law Court


A family, according to sociologists, is the most significant component that constitutes a community. In other words, a family is a primary unit in society. Thus, this reason alone extenuates the importance of keeping the family structure working smoothly.

Without a doubt, family law cases in Robina can be arduous. The fear of losing custody of children or losing control over a relationship can transform the most emotionally robust people into an overflowing mess with low impulse control.

Most separating couples or spouses, in an ideal situation, will opt to resolve their financial and children issues between themselves or with the help of a family law solicitor in Robina. However, for several reasons, court proceedings are necessary.

So, whether you choose to represent yourself in court or you have hired a professional family law in Robina, we have compiled the following tips you should use in court;

Instruct Your Lawyer To Represent You

You can find videos of almost everything on Youtube, but none that will tell you what you will need to say in court or what will happen as every case and experience is different. Hiring a lawyer to represent you is money well spent as they live and breathe family law issues in Robina every day.

A professional law firm in Robina has intimate knowledge of what a particular judge likes and does not like and which legal arguments are appropriate in specific situations. Additionally, they have expert knowledge on what needs to be included in Court Order to protect your interests.

You have one chance to present your case in front of a judge, and the chances of you succeeding are dependent on the legal support you receive from the family law firm in Robina you have hired.

Be Organised And Stick To Dates

After the proceedings have been issued, you will be given a date for when and where the hearing will be held. You may also be given the dates when certain documents need to be prepared and filed by the Court and sent to your opponent.

It is advisable to diarise these dates. Nothing rubs a Judge the wrong way than when you fail to pitch up for a hearing, or the appropriate documents have not been filed. You will put yourself at risk of paying the legal fees of your opponent.

Know Your Case

Ensure that you know the intricate details of your case as nothing winds a Judge up than you not knowing the answer to a simple question or you do not have the information with you.

If you are in court to prove you cannot afford to pay spousal maintenance because you have changed jobs and earning less than when the original order was made, you will need to provide proof of your earnings and your outgoings.

First Impressions Last

When appearing before a Judge, you want to create a pleasant and lasting impression as you want them to view you as credible. So it is advisable to dress smartly. If, however, you are attempting to persuade the judge you cannot afford to live on the maintenance your ex-spouse is proposing to pay, do not wear expensive branded clothing and jewellery to court.

Always Turn Off Your Mobile Phone

This is an important tip to avoid enraging the Judge. Your mobile phone should either be switched off or put on silent. The vibrating sound is just as annoying as the sound of the latest chart-topping pop song.

Arrive Early And Always Remember To Book In With The Usher When You Arrive

One of the best ways to prepare for your court case is to plan your journey to court and take traffic into account and car parking. The first thing that you need to do when you arrive at court is to check in with the usher to let them know you have arrived.

Always Be Polite And Courteous To Court Staff And The Judge

People talk and because the usher in not in the courtroom with you does not mean they do not talk about behind you back with the Judge. If you are rude and discourteous with any court staff or the usher, it is likely to be mentioned to the Judge in their chambers.

Facial Expressions And Interruptions

At some stage during your time in court before a Judge, your ex-spouse’s lawyer will say something that will antagonise you. What they are doing is fighting for their client’s case in the same way your lawyer is fighting for yours.

It will be best to keep neutral facial expressions when you hear something false or upsets you than pulling a face in your ex-spouse’s direction or interrupt proceedings. You or your legal representative will be allowed to respond, so it is a matter of patience and waiting your turn.

Do Not Film Or Record Any Part Of The Proceedings

If you record any part of the proceedings you can be held in contempt of court and sanctioned. Law proceedings are private, and the Judge will record the hearing, and you can request the recordings to be transcribed to you should there be a discrepancy about what was said.

As such, it is advisable to have a family law solicitor in Robina with you as they will take notes. It is also recommended to have a solicitor with you, especially at a final hearing and where you have to give evidence. This is because you will need to focus on providing your evidence while your family law solicitor in Robina is focused on the advocacy and representing you.

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