The 5 Worst Truck Accidents in U.S. History

The 5 Worst Truck Accidents in U.S. History


There are thousands of traffic accidents every day across the U.S., the majority of which are relatively minor. But now and then, there is an incident that causes serious damages, injuries, or even death. Worst still, when a large truck is involved in a collision, the extra weight can lead to a complete catastrophe.

Furthermore, every big accident inevitably leads to an ensuing legal case, which can have serious repercussions for the party at fault, particularly in the event of extensive property damage or loss of life. If this happens to you, contact a fatal truck accident lawyer as quickly as possible.

Read on for a look at the article below for an overview of some of the most devastating truck accidents in U.S. history.

Galesburg, Michigan, 2015

A 193-vehicle pile-up in Michigan left one person dead and 23 others injured. Involved in the crash was a semi-truck transporting acid, and a tractor-trailer carrying fireworks, leading to several explosions. The clean-up of the incident reportedly took 12 hours.

Mooresville, North Carolina, 2013

This accident led to the tragic deaths of two sisters, who were victims of a head-on collision. The cause of the incident was said to be a 21-year-old driver who was impaired at the time, traveling the wrong way up the highway. The sisters were heading to spring break when the terrible events unfolded.

Houston, Texas, 1976

One of the worst accidents in the history of Houston occurred in May 1976, when a truck carrying 7,500 gallons of anhydrous ammonia crashed through a guardrail onto the freeway. The tank of ammonia was damaged in the incident, releasing a cloud of deadly gas over the busy road. The driver was killed in the initial collision, with five others dying and 178 injured after inhaling the ammonia fumes. In the subsequent legal case, the National Transportation Safety Board decided that the speed of the truck, combined with the movement of liquid within the tank, caused the vehicle to lose control.

Fort Worth, Texas, 2021

As recently as February 2021, 6 people lost their lives in a 130-car pile-up. Despite winter weather warnings, the icy conditions caused by heavy overnight sleet led to huge collisions between cars and trucks alike. This resulted in damage to dozens of vehicles and a further 35 people being hospitalized. Firefighters and first responders stayed on the scene overnight clearing debris, but all southbound lanes of the interstate remained closed well into the following day.

Whitefish, Montana, 1984

Finally, one of the most harrowing truck accidents in U.S. history occurred in January 1984, when a fuel tanker collided with a school bus during a snowstorm. The resulting explosion left 9 people inside the bus fatally injured, with 19 more seriously hurt. The truck driver reported that he had lost control of his vehicle – he survived without serious injury.

In the unfortunate event that you or someone you know is involved in such an accident, a lawyer can help you to get the justice you deserve. These terrible incidents should act as a constant reminder to stick to speed limits, and drive with caution at all times.