Things That You Need to Know About the Thigh Tattoo

Things That You Need to Know About the Thigh Tattoo


Have you considered getting a thigh tattoo? If so, it’s very important you consider the proper thigh tattoo aftercare instructions. Getting a tattoo is really known to be trendy these days. Different people get tattoos for different reasons. Some get tattooed because they like it, while some other people get it for some cultural issues. Moreover, most of the people decide to get their favourite words, numbers, names, symbols, or other things crafted in their body in the form of a tattoo.

Most of the tattoos tend to be having some kind of story behind it. If you are looking forward to get a tattoo, then you should get one without thinking too much. There are some aspects that you are required to know before getting a tattoo.

You can choose various parts of your body for this purpose. Some choose to do it on their hands, necks, heads, or others choose legs. Among all these body parts, the thigh is considered to be the most common part where people mostly get a tattoo.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Thigh Tattoo?

It does not take much time to get a tattoo. But before the process, it is very significant and essential for you to consider several things and factors. The first thing is to ensure that you do not have any skin disease or issue on your thigh. Also be sure to always research thigh tattoo aftercare instructions so your thigh tattoo has the best change of staying vibrant for years!

On the other hand, you need to determine how much portion of your thigh you want to use for the tattoo or how feasible the tattoo place will be, or what color will be appropriate for your thigh’s skin color, waht type of Tattoo Aftercare creams you need to use. Once you consider and know these things, then it will be helpful and beneficial for you.

Styles to Choose

Once you are sure that you are getting a thigh tattoo, then it is about time for you to choose the style of tattoo. Learn how often should I moisturize my tattoo? There happen to be so many kinds of tattooing styles that you are allowed to choose from. Some of the most common and popular styles are described below.

  • American Traditional: Black, clean outlines generally characterize it. Roses and skulls are considered to be the primary colour palette.
  • Traditional Japanese: It is basically inspired by traditional Japanese artwork. It is known to consist of minimal shading and clean lines that are utilized to create flowers, Koi fish and tigers, etc.
  • Realism: This style is mainly used for recreating realism with using colour contrast and shading as they happen to appear in real life.
  • Geometric or minimalism: It primarily focuses on negative space and crisp black lines, which is about precision. It is known to be symbolic and simple.
  • Neo-Traditional: It is nothing but the modernized concept based on traditional American imagery. It is based on colour and shading for creating realistic portraiture.
  • Illustrative: Different aspects of realism and tattooing are incorporated into this style. It is mainly about intense colour saturation and bold outlines.

How painful is the process?

Getting a tattoo is going to hurt and using Numb spray for tattoos will certainly help. But how much it is to hurt will depend on various factors like location and size of the tattoo, pain tolerance, etc. The process is to hurt in those areas that have more sensitive nerves as well as less fresh.

Depending on the thigh’s specific area, the pain is to be moderate or a little painful. However, the thigh is considered to be of the least painful areas in your body. This area is mainly padded with a lot of fat, tight skin, and fewer nerves. Use of Tattoo Ointments prove to be helpful.

The pain is to be low to moderate. If you happen to have high pain tolerance, then you won’t feel much. The inner thigh is the most painful place to have a tattoo. When is a tattoo fully healed?

What Else are you to feel?

There are different kinds of sensations you are to feel apart from the normal pain. The feeling is to be different for different areas. You may feel the urge to scratching, or it may feel like stinging. Moreover, you can also have sensations like that of burning, vibrating, or dullness. The vibrating is known to be more common for bonier areas.

How to Tackle the pain?

You can practice some deep breathing techniques to deal with the pain. In case the pain becomes unbearable, then you can know the tattoo artist. He will stop and spare you some time to get accustomed with it in the best way possible. Is tattoo ointment really necessary?


If you are inclined to get a thigh tattoo, you should know about the potential risks of getting a tattoo.

  • Allergic Reaction: This is known to be the most common issue you face while getting a tattoo. A tattoo is supposed to dye. It can create negative allergic and other skin issues.
  • Skin infections: There is a possibility of skin infection.
  • Bloodborne diseases: If the tools and equipment used for the tattoo get contaminated with some infected blood, then you might get some blood-borne diseases.
  • MRI complications: Getting a tattoo can cause MRI complications. Moreover, it can even create other issues.
  • Other skin issues: Apart from the above issues, there are other complications that you can get after having a thigh tattoo, such as scar tissue overgrowth, keloids, etc. Application of Tattoo Sunscreen would be of great help. Learn more about Why you need to use tattoo sunscreen.


The cost of getting a thigh tattoo is to different depending on various factors and things. First of all, it can vary in accordance with the size of the tattoo. Secondly, the cost can also be on an hourly basis. And lastly, it can be in accordance with the letters.

There are other factors, such as the style of tattoo that you want to get. Getting a thigh tattoo, on average, is known to be a little expensive than other tattoos. The price range can vary from $300 to $3000. However, this number can further vary on the type of tattoo artist that you decide to go for.

You can check out the internet to find out the detailed price list of getting a thigh tattoo on different tattoo parlours. You can visit the place that offers you a tattoo service with the lowest rate.