What are the types of bets in w88roulette?

What are the Types of bets in W88roulette?


You can play online roulette on websites like w88 with the following types of bets.

Types of Inside Bets in Roulette

Straight up – There would be several numbers printed on the roulette wheel and you can place your bet on any of these numbers present in the inside circle. Let us assume that you have a belief in the number 19 and you place your chips on that. Once the ball stops on 19 after the rotation of the wheel, you can win the game and the payout. Usually, the chance of winning in European and French roulette would be 2.70%.

Split – As the name suggests, you can split your probability of winning into two and bet on two numbers sitting adjacent to each other. For instance, you can place your chips at the center of 19 and 20. If you get the ball landed on any of these two numbers, you would win. Your probability of winning the payout will be 5.4% in European and French roulettes.

Street – If the luxury of placing your bet on two chips is not enough, you can consider adding one more adjacent place making it three chances. You will win the payout if the ball lands on either of the three selected boxes.

Corner – It is a step ahead of the street bet where you will be allowed to place the chips merging four boxes forming a square. You will win if the ball ends up on any of these.

Types of Outside Bets in Roulette

Red/Black –Let us assume that you have no intention to place your bets on the numbers. So, you can choose to go with the colors on the background of these spaces. You can find red and black colors being used for all the boxes in an alternative manner. So, you can place it either on a red box or a black one. You will win irrespective of the numbers but depending on the color of the ball’s landing space.

Even/Odd – Similar to the colors, you can win the payout by guessing whether the ball would end up on an even or an odd number.

High/Low – As the numbers would start from 1 and would go up to 36, you can guess the level of the number on which the ball would land either as high or low. 1 to 18 would come as low while the rest as high.