What Can A Paralegal Do In Small Claims Toronto?

What Can A Paralegal Do In Small Claims Toronto?


Do you have enough information about the responsibilities of a lawyer and a small claims paralegal Toronto? We provide you with the necessary knowledge and details to find the answer to this critical question: “Do you need a lawyer or paralegal?” There are some types of situations where a paralegal can help you to solve your legal problem. If you have faced a legal issue and need a consultation with a paralegal, you can use affordable paralegal services in Toronto. It should be noted that all paralegal experts in Ontario are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO). If you still interested in Canadian law, check Paralegal Toronto website.

How can a paralegal help you? Paralegals can provide legal services and represent individuals in the following areas:

Small Claims Court Litigation

All people can file a case in small claims court in Toronto. If you want to sue for money or the return of personal property valued at $35,000 or less, small claims court is the best choice. You can use affordable paralegal services for cases that are up to $35,000. Keep in mind that it is not including interest and costs.

Ontario Court of Justice for traffic and other offenses under the Provincial Offences Act

Statutory Accident Benefits (Sab) Claims 

These types of claims are usually covered under the Insurance Act. They are for minor injuries due to motor vehicle accidents or other types of unimportant accidents.

-Hearings Before Administrative Tribunals And Boards 

A licensed paralegal can help you get the best desired result in some critical administrative tribunals and committees, including

  1. The Financial Services Commission of Ontario
  2. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  3. the Landlord and Tenant Board
  4. Social Benefits Tribunal
  5. Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
  6. the Immigration and Refugee Board

– A small claims paralegal can support you for some certain criminal law matters, such as mischief, assault, fraud, theft under $5,000, breaches of court orders, unlawful harassment. Also, a paralegal expert helps you in the case of criminal driving offenses, including failure to stop after Accident, operation while prohibited, dangerous driving, and flight from a Police Officer.

What can’t paralegals do in small claims court in Toronto? It should be emphasized that small claims paralegal firms in Toronto are not allowed to help you in family court cases. Also, they cannot provide legal services that only a lawyer may provide. However, under the supervision of a lawyer, they can support you for drafting wills, handling real estate transactions, and representing you in serious criminal matters.

There are some legal situations that you can handle yourself with no assistance of a paralegal or a lawyer. You can file a case in traffic court, Small Claims Court on your own; you can negotiate a simple apartment lease with no assistance of a paralegal or a lawyer. However, if the value of a lawsuit is significant for you or after starting your process, you feel that the situation becomes more complicated. It is advisable to consult a paralegal expert for assistance or legal advice.