When Can A Marriage Be Annulled

Criminal Law

The termination of marriage gives the opportunity to end a marriage that one no longer wishes to exist in the future according to criminal lawyers winnipeg.

Marriage can only be terminated by a court says Jeffrey Gindin Winnipeg. No other institution or official has the right to terminate a marriage. So, one can only have a second marriage when the first marriage has been ruled by a court. One cannot get a second marriage while the marriage annulment is pending because the second marriage will not be valid.

In what cases can one request the termination of a marriage?

With only the following hypotheses in mind, one can ask for a marriage to be destroyed:

  • If they got married while one was a minor. If one is a minor / 16 years old but not 18 years old / can get married if important reasons require it and get permission from the district court at the permanent address. An important reason is, for example, the pregnancy of a minor girlfriend. However, if such a solution is not available, the marriage can be destroyed according to criminal lawyers in winnipeg.
  • If one got married after already being married. In this case it is a matter of two marriages, and in order for the second marriage to continue, the first one must be destroyed.
  • If one was threatened with a future danger to their life, health or honor, or to those of their loved ones. In this case, it is a marriage that is unwanted by them (only accepted it because of fear).

When should one get marriage annulment?

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If there is a violation in the marriage, but one has to know that in order to ask for his or her destruction, the law sets specific deadlines that one has to comply with. If they miss the deadline, they can no longer ask for the annulment of the marriage and it becomes valid. That is why you will need a criminal defence lawyer winnipeg.

If one was a minor at the time of the marriage, they can file for his or her destruction up to 6 months after they reached the age of majority. So, if they are 18 years old on May 10th, they can file for marriage annulment by November 10th. However, if there are children born during the marriage being, one cannot ask for the marriage to be terminated.

If one was threatened to get married, they could file a claim to winnipeg criminal defence lawyer on that ground within 1 year of the marriage.

If it is a two-marriage situation, namely one married and after five months they married another person and the person from the second marriage can file a claim for the destruction of the second marriage, there is no term for that and we can be done at any time.

Important! If one has married a person with whom they have a relationship based on adoption, they cannot ask for the marriage to be annulled if the adoption is completed according to criminal lawyer in winnipeg.

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