Working Principle Of Divorce Mediation System

Family Law and Divorce

When we talk about the various divorce mediation centers, such as the divorce mediation Brisbane, we come across the wrong perspective about it. The biggest miss-notion about this is that it is just like counseling for troubled relationships. While in reality, it is much more than just this. If you are interested to know about it in detail, then here is the whole information about what it actually is and the working principle it follows.

What divorce mediation is?

Unlike counseling which is done before the divorce, the divorce mediation is done after the process takes place. When the two people separate from each other after divorce, and on some points, they fail to agree or come to one ground, the divorce mediation services help in all of this settlement. So, this is the definition of this process which takes place after the divorce, and never before it.

If you or any of your loved ones have issues or problems in the relationship, you can guide them for the counseling sessions, not mediation. The mediation will only be a guide for you to resolve an issue once the divorce is done. Well, at first, both parties must make the right decision, hire a professional lawyer for the divorce and settle things through counseling before the divorce. But if that does not happen, then mediation kicks in.

The following are the four main things that divorce mediation focuses on. These include:

  •   The mediation center speaks with the other party on behalf of their client.
  •   Their focus is to listen to your problem, and opinion and then advice according to the law for tracking the solution.
  •   They identify the core issue which both parties are facing, and with no bias, guide them towards the solution.
  •   The issue is resolved without making any judgments about the situation, the parties and the issue they are facing.

The goal of Divorce Mediator

The divorce mediator has a constructive role, not destructive or negative for any of the sides. Their goal is to understand the issue of both parties, the ex-husband and wife. Tell them what law is about the sharing of finances, the property and child agreements and who is responsible for what. The core goal is to resolve the issue peacefully and for the benefit of both parties.

How does the divorce mediation system words?

There is stepwise advancement in the divorce mediation process which is given below in detail. It includes the following steps:

  •   There will be first sessions with both parties which will be one hour or more long. The purpose is to deeply understand the issue. So, in the first few months, these sessions will be gone on.
  •   The process involves not one, but more than two mediators who work on all the different aspects to discuss the solution.
  •   One of the mediators belongs to the law field so that the right direction can be given to the problem. Such problems are usually of legal nature, so this helps a lot in this.
  •   You have to choose between the lawyer and the mediator because you can not play both of them at the same time for the same issue.
  •   Before the starting of the whole process, the mediators and their team will guide you about the things that will be done. It’s all up to you whether you like to hire them or not. So, never skip this point and regret later on.
  •   The sessions conducted by the divorce mediation service providers are all live. You cannot get this on the phone because face to face meeting is better for discussing such touch issues.
  •   You need to gather all the related information and share it with the mediation service providers.

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