Personal Injury

A Long Island Personal Injury Attorney And New York City

Personal Injury

The Marc S. Albert Law Office a personal Long Island personal injury attorney law firm that has more than twenty years of experience serving clients from Long Island and New York City. They specialize in medical malpractice, accidents in construction sites, vehicular accidents, abuse in nursing homes, accidents involving falls and slips and other circumstances that have grave and sad outcomes. They work with reputable experts in different fields of expertise to ensure that every case is thoroughly looked into, that the evidence is properly presented in court and that their clients’ utmost welfare is aggressively advanced. They have won over a hundred million dollars in verdicts and settlements for victims of injuries.

Accidents Involving Cars

Accidents involving cars are among the preeminent reasons of grave injuries every year. Most of these type of accidents is due to a driver who is negligent. The driver may have been typing a text message on his phone.

Accidents Involving Trains and Buses

Accidents involving trains and subways can cause injuries that are life-changing. Cases that deal with accidents involving buses frequently require conscientious examination of the personal and professional history of the driver of the bus such as whether the bus company provided adequate training and if the bus company did a thorough background check.

Accidents Involving Falls and Slips

Owners of private property are required to keep safe areas for individuals who wish to enter their property. Business owners are obligated to frequently check their buildings and the areas around them to make sure that they are free of hazards and to immediately repair whatever hazards that may be discovered.

Accidents in Construction Sites

Unfortunately, accidents in construction sites occur frequently in New York City. Workers who are injured in accidents in construction sites can avail of compensation for workers. However, the New York State also provides extra statutory protection for workers in construction sites.

Accidents Involving Products with Defects

Products can have defects in manufacturing or defects in design. They may also not have the appropriate warnings. If a product with defects is sold to a customer, the manufacturer of the product and the retailer of the product can be liable for any injuries that may result due to the use of the product.

Abuse in Nursing Homes and Medical Malpractice

Litigating abuse in nursing homes necessitates a thorough examination of the staff of the nursing home as well as the nursing home’s practices and policies. Medical malpractice happens when the treatment given by a medical professional is sub-par.