How To Choose The Right Immigration Agent For You


If, for any complications, disagreements or for some other reason you have decided to hire a migrant agent to represent you when applying for visa, it is very important that you choose someone who is reliable and professional. Davies Immigration Law Canada is the right place for you.

There are a number of parameters that you need to bear in mind when selecting an agent to whom you will be trusted, and we will then address this first and most important requirement that someone needs to fulfill in order to become your advocate, that is, doing legally and responsibly his job or more specifically, it is said that it is not an ignorant or fraudulent person who will only take your money and go away.

Whether you are just getting ready to choose your agent or have already hired someone, you need to know that you are not powerless and that there are reliable information and laws and institutions that can help you make the right decision, protect yourself and exercise your human rights. The power is in your hands and there is no reason to let it go to the circumstances and people who do not deserve your trust. This also applies to those who are deceived by people who are falsely represented as migration agents, because there are legal, smart ways to get your rights in most of these cases. However, on this occasion we will deal primarily with prevention, that is, ways to recognize and avoid cheaters who are represented as agents, and sometimes they work under the auspices of suspicious migration agencies.

How to bypass the agent-fraudster?

When choosing a migration agent or agency, it is very important that you take the time to do so and get informed of your rights and obligations when applying for a visa with the assistance of agents. By investing a bit of time in gathering valid information, you often save a lot of time, nerves and money, so it’s a good investment and it’s not as big as it seems if you panic and start to rush, for which there’s really no reason. In the text below, you can read out the possible precautions when you want to be sure to give your application for the visa, documents and money in the right hands.

At the beginning of the search, one should first of all bear in mind that it is most secure and often best to hire an agent registered in state institution called the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). This does not mean that all agents who are not in this register are ignorant and fraudulent, since the procedure is such that it is almost impossible to find themselves on the MARA list if they do not work on the desired territory.

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