(GET INKED…) Back Of the Neck Tattoos & All About It

(GET INKED…) Back Of the Neck Tattoos & All About It


BELIEVE IT… Some people tend to display the most extortionate of behaviors in matters of getting tattoos. However, in general terms, tattooing is a way of expressing your passion and adoration towards something. Be sure to understand the right back of the neck tattoo aftercare if you’re getting a neck tattoo!

Much like the fancy attires, eccentric makeovers, or out-of-the-ordinary hair-styling, inking your body part is another way of making oneself more beautiful and making others appreciate the allure of the final act itself!

Personal preferences about the act may vary. Some may even refrain from inking their body. However, for those who are bold enough to pull it off properly, the end result will come across as a marvellous piece of artwork, which in most cases get the appreciative applause and eye-balling it deserves! Learning the proper tattoo aftercare is essential!

Focussing On Back Of the Neck Tattoos

Going ahead with a tattoo at the back of your neck is not something many resorts to. The more common and comfortable areas which enthusiasts want to ink include their arms, wrists, shoulders, and so on.

But as already stated that people often display extortionate behavior towards this art form! And if you happen to be one who isn’t scared about the idea of inking the back of their neck, then there is nothing wrong with it from a rational point of view. This is simply because, despite the otherwise oh-so-righteous way of tattooing, when the associated pain diminishes, the final result will be a cherished piece of artwork for life-long!

Another noteworthy consideration is picking the right tattooing artist to perform at the back of your neck. From an artistic point of view, it is one spot where you can be creative. This specific area is flat and remains concealed from excessive sun’s exposure! Plus, the surface area seems perfect for specific intricate art designs. Learn about when is a tattoo is fully healed!

The back of your beck is approximately between 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cms) in its length and roughly 4-6 inches (10 – 15 cms) in its width. This may differ considering the neck size, and that’s why it is very important to associate with someone having prior experience in such delicate artwork to help you sort out the right size of your tattoo design.

So, in simple terms – the decision to tattoo at the back of your neck should be made in haste! Rather take some time, speak to your artist if it helps, and then make the decision.

The Associated Pain Experienced During Back of Neck Tattooing

Many Ask This Question – Do Back Of Neck Tattoos Hurt During The Process? And the obvious answer to that is – Yes, they most certainly do!

But then that’s not something new.

After all, all tattooing process incurs some level of pain and discomfort. Those who have already inked their bodies thoroughly over a course of time will be less tolerant to the procedural pain and discomfort. It is also better to use Numb spray for tattoos.

As for those who are going this for the very first time, the pain experienced will depend on the size of the design and the amount of filling it will need.

Smaller designs with thinner lines will cause less discomfort. Plus, they will also be done quicker. Contrarily, longer and bolder designs will take longer, resulting in longer spans of tingling pain and discomfort!

More specifically explaining – the present skin on the backside of your neck is thinner and more pain-sensitive since there aren’t any muscle paddings. So, when the needle is used over this sensitive part, the pain experienced will be a tad sharper as compared to other body parts!

Furthermore, it is also very much normal to experience more discomfort as the needle nears your skull or ears. So, keep this in mind if you are going ahead with this process anyway!

The Common Back Of Neck Tattoo Designs

Below are some of the popularly done backs of neck tattoos (from both the sexes). Check them out, and maybe it could inspire you to either pick one from the list of doing something similar!

  • Delicate Tattoo on Back of the Neck
  • Lotus Flower Tattoo on Back of Neck
  • Crescent Moon on Back of the Neck
  • Fighter’ Script Tattoo on Back of Neck
  • Black Cross Tattoo on Back of Neck
  • Elephant Tattoo on Back Neck for Women
  • Mountains and Moon Tattoo on Back of Neck
  • Splendid Geometric Back Of Neck Tattoo Design
  • Flowers Tattoo On The Back Of Neck (For Women)
  • Family’s Birth Years in Roman Numerals for Back Of Neck Tattoo Design
  • Compass Tattoo On Back Of Neck
  • Black Dragonfly Tattoos On Back Of Neck
  • Angel Wing Back Of Neck Tattoo
  • Heart Infinity Tattoo Design On Back Of Neck
  • Rebel Alliance Tattoo On Back Of Neck
  • Tree Of Life Tattoo On Back Of Neck
  • Black Lace Bow Back Of Neck Tattoo
  • The Fallen One’s Wings (Satan’s Wings)
  • Black Phoenix Rising On Back of Neck Tattoo

 How Much Will Inking, The Back Of Your Neck, Cost You?

  • Average Cost Range – $150
  • Minimum Cost: $80 – $100
  • Average Range: $150 to $650
  • Full-length Back of neck Tat’s Maximum Cost: $4,500 – $5,500

Pre-Care Tips for Your Back of Neck Tattoo

  • Don’t drink alcohol, energy drinks, or even caffeine 48 hours prior to your tattoo work
  • Ensure you are well hydrated 48 hours prior to getting your back of neck tattoo
  • Make sure to consume proper amounts of food to prevent dizziness, low blood sugar, and chances of passing out during the process
  • Avoid taking aspirin at least 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. They tend to thin out your blood and results in more and easier bleeding
  • Before you head out, ensure you wear comfortable clothes (and not snazzy, tight outfits). Also, ensure the t-shirt can be pinned up easily while the artist does her/his work

 After The Process Is Complete

  • Ensure the inked spot is properly covered as they often become prone to infection
  • Use a bandage to wrap the inked area. Post a few hours, properly wash your hands using antibacterial soap and then dry it off using a clean pad
  • Use the recommended lotion, cream, oil, Tattoo Aftercare Cream or petroleum jelly over the inked spot, as your artist mentioned. The entire healing time is roughly a week or so. Till then, provide the moisture and protection it needs
  • Don’t immerse the inked area completely or excessively in water. Stick to showering and avoid bathtubs, jacuzzis, and pools for a handful of weeks and don’t forget to apply Tattoo Sunscreen.
  • Again pick loosely fit clothes till your inked area heals and gets normal. Also, if you are wearing t-shirts or shirts, then be sure to cover the inked area using a bandage with Tattoo Ointments to avoid any kind of friction. Check out our ultimate tattoo aftercare guide, to stay up to date on how to keep your tattoo fresh!


Tattooing at the back of your neck or anywhere in your neck is a bold, ballsy move! But when done properly by a revered artist and you diligently follow all the after-care steps,   you will find the end result to be quite charming.

So, Are You Ready To Get Inked At The Back Of Your Neck?

If so, find a quality tattoo artist in your area and sit down with her/him to determine the right design that best complements your unique persona.

Your artist knows that it could be a life-long thing for you. And so, they most certainly will help you pick a design that entails the right meaning or message concerning you and your lifestyle.